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Anti Aging: HGH therapy. Pros & Cons

Frequently, people who are interested in anti aging take notice of anti aging HGH therapy. The reference here is to the utilization of human growth hormone, which is produced naturally by the human pituitary gland. During childhood and young adulthood, the highest hormone levels are produced by the pituitary. Once growth ceases when we are in our early twenties, the HGH production decreases. With lower levels of HGH, we gain weight, lose muscle mass, have lower energy levels and experience other subtle symptoms that come with age. It comes as no surprise that children with stunted growth were the first to benefit from the medical use of HGH, with athletes utilizing it next to enhance their performance.
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As we age, we produce less and less human growth hormone and in turn, we age faster and our immune system deteriorate. Taking hgh supplements help your body to increase its own natural production of hgh. This is different from injecting hgh into your system which may cause several negative side effects. So opt for supplementing your hgh for anti aging effect.
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