Anti Aging: HGH therapy. Pros & Cons

Frequently, people who are interested in anti aging take notice of anti aging HGH therapy. The reference here is to the utilization of human growth hormone, which is produced naturally by the human pituitary gland. During childhood and young adulthood, the highest hormone levels are produced by the pituitary. Once growth ceases when we are in our early twenties, the HGH production decreases. With lower levels of HGH, we gain weight, lose muscle mass, have lower energy levels and experience other subtle symptoms that come with age. It comes as no surprise that children with stunted growth were the first to benefit from the medical use of HGH, with athletes utilizing it next to enhance their performance.

It seems like an additional possible utilization of the HGH hormone could be as an anti aging agent, and a growing number of people are receiving HGH treatments from their physicians. Research has shown that HGH injections can increase muscle mass. Other supposed benefits of the treatment include protection from diseases that normally occur with age, more youthful skin appearance, higher energy level, etc.; but science does not support these claims. The long term effects of HG hormone therapy are unknown. You won’t be surprised to learn that there is a hot debate going on between advocates of HGH and those who oppose the use of HGH for anti aging purposes.

There is a dark side to anti aging injections, and the prick of the injection is only the start of the story. In the United States, the hormone has not been approved for this purpose and is referred to as an “off label” application. In some areas, this may actually be against the law. It is also against the law to receive injections from any person who is not an M.D. It comes as no surprise that the injections are quite costly, so only the well-to-do can afford them. Last of all, some worrisome side effects can occur when anti aging HGH therapy is administered, especially when the blood level of the hormone is greater than that which normally occurs in the blood. The anti aging HGH product argument is strengthened by these disadvantages.

The hormone treatment has been cleverly modified due to efforts to deal with the dark side of anti aging HGH therapy. Most of the HGH products currently available are formulas that have been developed to stimulate the human pituitary gland to boost its own production of the hormone. No injections are required with these products; they prevent the possibility of too much HGH circulating through the system, and they are much cheaper. Although one does not see results that are as significant with this kind of therapy as those seen when an injection is used, this approach is definitely less risky. Many who are in favor of using HGH as an anti aging product feel that this is an acceptable compromise. But there are still doubts with regard to the actual positive results of anti aging HGH therapy.

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